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Posted by Benjamin Soulier on Apr 11, 2016 6:32:22 PM
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People understand today than there is no point of building everything on their own; either if it is a technical framework, a business process thing or a nice Angular/Bootstrap app.

When it comes to integration, we’ve seen a lot of changes throughout the years; the industry has been switching from “let’s do this by ouselves” to “let’s find someone who does this thing best” (hello Sendgrid and their transactional email API :)).



Before them, we had to either build ourselves extensions to products we bought, or even worse, we had to buy additional propreritary modules that were addressing our needs, but not the way we actually wanted.

APIs is making all of this different

Applications or services can’t live on their own anymore, they only have a value BECAUSE of the interactions you can get between your CRM, your Production line software and your Shipping patform.

Any system born today will be interacting with something else, and today’s world (with incoming IoT matter) any of these systems become a part of a beigger picture to address a problem.

Plugging everything together

You don’t need a specialist of X, Y or Z, just someone to plug correctly wires between APIs.

Better get something that excels at doing one single thing, than to get a monsterous platform with months and months of setup.

API is about giving the ability to let another system how to best use your value.

This value can and will differ depending on who is using your service, so what is better than to let your people (employees, partners, customers) use it the way the need?

The Logrr API

That's why we created the Logrr API: a simple way for developers to provision users across multiple cloud applications like Google Apps, Salesforce, Slack or even Office 365. Now developers don't need to implement different API to create users from their code anymore. With the Logrr unified API, developers and administrators can create, update, deactivate users and assign them to applications with the same calls. 

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More about Logrr

Logrr provides a central user management platform with automatic provisioning for all your enterprise cloud applications. With our passwordless Single Sign-On, your employees can seamlessly connect to all their apps with the most secure pattern. 

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